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[SOMOTSOFT] CẦN TUYỂN GẤP 2 JAVA DEVELOPER_email: nicole.ngan.le@somotsoftvn.com

Thảo luận trong 'VIỆC LÀM JAVA' bắt đầu bởi Ngan, 7/7/17.

  1. Ngan

    Ngan New Member


    · To contribute to and/or design system architecture

    · To write complex software programs from design specification

    · To write program in compliance with established coding quality standard of the company

    · To attend all regular meetings of the assigned projects

    · To process the tasks assigned by Project Manager/Project Leader, feedback and fix the bugs

    · To help the clients in technical support

    · To self-train on new technology

    · To obtain professional certificates if being requested

    · To support for presales activities (R&D, estimate, pilot, etc)

    · To support for recruitment in the company

    · University degree in Computer Sciences, or equivalent; Having IT knowledge-base, and current IT technologies

    · Be recognized expert in at least one technical competence area (e.g .NET, Java, etc), especially JEE and have 2++ years of experience in the main competence

    · Have strong knowledge, experienced in software development including web system development, windows development, database development at least in one core competence like Java, .NET, Ruby On Rails, PHP, etc.

    For Web development:

    • Expert in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax
    • Strong understanding in the chosen web programming toolset, language such as JSP, Servlet, JSF, Flex, JavaFX, Silvelight, etc.
    • Strong understanding about well-known web frameworks e.g. Struts, JSF, Spring MVC, Webwork, etc.
    • Good experience of Web Services technologies e.g. SOAP, REST, etc.
    • Good experience of development tools e.g. Eclipse, SVN, JProfiler, etc.
    • Good experience of application servers e.g. Tomcat, JBoss, Websphere, etc.

    For Database development

    • Expert designing and implement software solution based on database technologies that well take care of performance, security and high availability
    • Good knowledge in Reporting, Business Intelligence
    • Strong knowledge in SQL, database design and programming, knowledge with a data access framework, such as Hibernate, IBatis
    · Strong understanding of generic software development frameworks like Spring.

    · Good experience of java desktop JWTs e.g. Swing, etc.

    · Be proficient in code quality, coding standard, design patterns, and principles

    · Good knowledge of SEO, SEM

    · Expert in unit testing, mocking, understand types of testing like black box, white box, integration test, load test. Can decide which framework or tool to use for testing purpose

    · Good knowledge of continuous integration.

    · Expert in using static coding analysis tool and properly fix violation, able to define or modify the rule set or suggest which tool to use

    · Good knowledge and strong understanding of HA systems and security vulnerabilities is a plus

    · Be able to properly do coding documentation (code comments) and checking other’s

    · Be able to work independently, help other to solve the technical issues

    · Accountable, proactive, passionate in improve self and team’s technical skills, strongly contribute to productivity improvement activities
    Salary: $800 - $1500

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